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espite being coastally challenged (currently living in Philadelphia), Josh has been an active entrepreneur and investor in the Internet industry since its commercialization. In 1992, while he was a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Josh co-founded Infonautics Corporation – an Internet information company. In 1996, Infonautics went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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Why I haven't blogged...

For the last three years, I've frequently been asked why I don't blog.  Here was my typical reply:

  1. I'm afraid that people would realize that I'm not that smart.
    Put me in a one-hour meeting, and I have can typically impress people.  I can hold my own for an hour -- giving a good performance -- sounding informed, knowledgeable, funny and generally make a good first impression.  But with the pressure to post frequently -- and sound really smart on an ongoing basis -- I'm afraid that the world will learn what I already know...that I'm not really that smart.  Just lucky.
  2. If I did have a unique thought/perspective, why share it?
    I really believe in the power of an elegant, simple idea.  Combine the best of eBay and Amazon and create a marketplace to let people sell their old books, CDs and movies (  Create an anti-spam router (Turntide).  Sometimes the most "obvious" (after the fact) ideas are the most powerful.  And since it's so rare for me to have a truly original idea (see item #1 above), I've often wondered why I'd share it.
  3. You can't say what you really want to say.
    Most VC bloggers can't/won't say what they really want to say -- or what you really want to read.  I've seen some bad pitches, awful term sheets, and bad behavior by startups and VC's alike -- but I'd never blog about them.  Instead, I'd end up posting yet another "how to give a good VC pitch" or "how to run a good board meeting post"...when deep down I'd really want to post about the unbelievably naive entrepreneur who wants to build a "tropical fish vertical search engine."
  4. I don't have the time.
    There are currently 364 unanswered emails in my inbox.  I have 14 phone calls to return.  Six meetings a day.  I'm currently sitting on the redeye flying back from SFO to PHL. I have a wife.  Two kids.  If I had an extra hour a day, I'd rather spend it sleeping.

So why start blogging now?  Candidly, I'm not sure.  Maybe, it's because I hope it will provide me with a way to maintain an ongoing dialog regardless of which coast I'm currently on.  Hopefully I'll conclude that the benefits of a public dialog/discussion outweigh the invested time.  Perhaps, I'll realize that I do have something interesting to say.  Perhaps not.  Maybe this will end up a "New Years Resolution Blog" -- starting out with the best of intentions, but getting abandoned after a few months. Or, perhaps this blog will end up being a hype-blog for our growing portfolio companies (although I hope not).  For now, call it an experiment.



welcome to the blogosphere josh... come on in, the water's fine ;)

honestly, contrary to your point #1, i think you're one of the smartest VCs out there. you may have missed a year or two of blogging to let other folks know more about you, but i expect you'll catchup quickly.

items 2, 3, & 4 aside, i bet a few blog posts will provide more ROI on outbound communication than those 364 emails will.

i'm eager to hear what you have to say, even if it's just once a week.

c'mon... give brad & fred a run for their money ;)

- dave mcclure

Ben Casnocha

Josh - I look forward to your thoughts! I've enjoyed your early posts. I've found that blogging saves me time because I can reach so many more people at once instead of individual emails.

Ben Casnocha
Entrepreneur, Writer, High School Student



This is great news! I am looking forward to reading your blog.

Jason Kilpatrick


Why did I receive no reply to my "Shrink a Market!" email?
Now I know why, here it is: your own quote from this blog.

"There are currently ... 364 unanswered emails ... 14 phone calls to return ... Six meetings a day ..."

Sorry for my impatience, it has only been a few days, but the $1T/yr project is still valid.

Casual Visitor


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