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Managing Director of First Round Capital.

espite being coastally challenged (currently living in Philadelphia), Josh has been an active entrepreneur and investor in the Internet industry since its commercialization. In 1992, while he was a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Josh co-founded Infonautics Corporation – an Internet information company. In 1996, Infonautics went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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First Round Capital News

ToplogoToday, First Round Capital announced that Rob Hayes has joined the team.  (More info here in pdf format).

Based in San Francisco, Rob will be our first West Coast Partner.  The addition of Rob (along with Chris Fralic who joined us in March) will greatly add to the depth of our team and our firm’s capabilities.

Rob comes to First Round Capital from Omidyar Network where he was their first venture investor.  He led most of Omidyar Network's initial venture capital deals and later built and ran the technology investing group.  Prior to joining Omidyar Network in 2004, Rob was at Palm where he started up their corporate venture fund.  While in that role he also managed the strategy effort around Palm OS that led to the spinout of PalmSource.  Rob started at Palm as product manager for the initial device-independent releases of Palm OS and was responsible for the versions of Palm OS on dozens of devices including the initial Treo products. 

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Rob through our work on two Boards of Directors (Krugle and Feedster) over the last few years and know he will be an extremely valuable addition to the team.  Welcome Rob! 



Rob Hayes is awesome! I've known him since his Palm days. Congrats on snagging one of the best.

Sukanta Ganguly

I am an entreprenuer and have fifteen plus years of real hard-core technology experience in large companies as well as founding my own startups. How do I get the opportunity to be an investor. I do not have the money to just invest from my own pocket. Have already done some over the last few years and I want to do this as a career. How to do this?

Prashant Sarkar

Josh, I've just started reading your blog. And the first thing I noticed was the amusing subheading - 'coastally challenged VC'! Haha!
Now that Rob Hayes is going to be helping First Round from the West Coast, I guess we can all look forward to some interesting new Web 2.0 investments from you guys.
I am an aspiring entrepreneur from Singapore currently in the Bay Area. And I am a real fan of the buzz marketing success. That was sweet! Looking forward to some interesting entrepreneurial musings on your blog!


congrats to both Rob & Josh!

(i'm sure you folks will make lots of beautiful music together ;)

- dave mcclure

hermes birkin

Josh, I've just started reading your blog. And the first thing I noticed was the amusing subheading - 'coastally challenged VC'! Haha!

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